How do I exchange items of the wrong size or defect ?

For purchases online - Do not remove the tag and packaging. Do inform admin @ 9888 8515 to check the stocks availability. Further instructions will be given.

For purchases in stores - Do not remove the tag and packaging. You can head down to Golden Landmark to enquire on the exchange.

Are there alteration services? 

Yes we do have alteration services but it is subjected to the availability of the tailor. 

Charges for length (depending on dress) - $10-$20

Other alterations : $10 min

Alternatively, you can head to the tailor at Golden Landmark , level 2, #02-59A

Preferable washing method?

We advise customers to hand wash the clothes due to the embroidery and material of our tops and dresses to ensure the quality is maintained.

Who do we contact to enquire?

You can refer to the contact us page for more details.

Are the measurements true to size?

Yes. Unless it’s a manufacturing defect, the measurements are consistently updated and checked beforehand.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are case by case basis. However we do not practice refunds so we would offer to offset the amount with a purchase of another item of the same price or higher.